Fowl Play

Fowl Play, scrap pieces of steel, 7'h X 8'w X 8'd, 2014

Tim Adams earned a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree from Iowa State University in 1985 and is a Registered Professional Landscape Architect.  He is a lifelong student of the arts and creates and installs one-of-a-kind sculptures for gardens, entry features, parks, churches, municipalities, and schools.  Tim's primary medium is steel, native field stone, and limestone.  His goal is to design sculptures from native and/or recycled materials that enhance the experience of those who use public and private spaces.  His most recent sculpture installation is the Red Bull Memorial dedicated to members of the Red Bull 34th Infantry Division.  Other permanent installations include bike racks in the East Village in Des Moines and Dubuque, and private garden sculptures too numerous to mention.  Tim has current installations with Dubuque Art on the River, West Twin Parks in Webster City, and Clive Art Trail.

Tim writes, "I'm a lifelong apprentice of the arts!  I make my way in this world by creating aesthetically pleasing environments for others to enjoy and experience.  My personality is expressed through sculptures made from native materials that are indigenous to the 'Place I'm at.'  I've spent my life learning to create, pose, and install materials as art!"

Fowl Play is an 800 pound sculpture that was created using the scraps of steel remaining from other sculptures.  It is an abstract representation of a bird that is recognizable from a distance.  Up close, the viewer can see the conglomeration of pieces used to create the work.

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