Saggar Vessel with Hickory Lid

Saggar Vessel with Hickory Lid, clay, 10" x 6.5" x 6.5"

Cecelia writes, "I am a studio potter living in Red Oak, Iowa.  However, it was the time I spent growing up on a farm in central Nebraska that has influenced me the most as an artist.  It was there that I first learned to love the pure random beauty and colors of nature.  My journey in clay began as an undergraduate student in college, and eventually I earned a B.F.A.E degree in art.  After spending a very rewarding career working in the field of education, I am now contentedly creating pottery in my home studio.

And she tells us this about her work: "My medium of choice is clay.  I have not found any other artistic medium that is as versatile.  I work primarily on the wheel to create my raku-horse hair and saggar fired vessels, utilizing slab techniques to finish the lids.  Instead of using glazes, I experiment with natural materials, iron, wire, and jute to create decorative effects.  These materials leave random markings on the polished clay surface during and after the firing process.  Occasionally I will add hickory branches and twigs to the lid after firing to complete my clay vessels."

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