Ceramics Week

All this week the Daily Palette will be celebrating some of our favorite ceramic artists from across the state.


Jere and Kate Huffman have been studio potters in What Cheer, Iowa since 1972.  Their work is wheel thrown, fired to 2200 degrees, and decorated using a wax resist technique.  It is available at their studio in What Cheer and at The Iowa Artisans Gallery in Iowa City, Iowa.

From the What Cheer Potters website: "What Cheer Potters believes that the life of an artist is a continual learning process.  It requires a dedication to learning in order to convey the inner feelings and experiences that have accumulated and to transfer it to a formless lump of clay.  Even after years of experience and thousands of pots, the trained eye can see qualities that might have made a difference in bringing more 'life' and excitement to each pot.  We need to keep looking and learning to develop our inner selves, because it is only then that each piece will have a presence to stand on its own as an expression of its creator."

What Cheer Potters

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on December 17, 2015

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