Like the Bird in the Tree

Daily Palette Double Feature

Like the Bird in the Tree, acrylic on canvas, 22.12" x 24.5", 2013

Jill Belgarde is an artist from central Iowa.  Working in both the visual and the performing arts, she is a painter, photographer, musician, dancer, and more.

"I am an artist who enjoys life and I believe it comes across in my work with my use of vibrant colors.  I love all things vintage and the idea of a simpler time.  Although times probably were truly not much simpler, there is an essence about the first part of the 20th century that has a charm to it.  I enjoy imagery that makes the viewer take a look back to the past or reflect on the present.  My work is very diverse in subject and oftentimes execution as well, however, the ideas which inspire them are very similar."

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on October 12, 2015

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