Bodies of Stone #10 (find)

Bodies of Stone #10 (find), giclee

"The sources from my images come primarily from the Berlin-Potsdam palace gardens. The decaying sculptures from this past era of pleasure and statesmanship caused me to return to photography after a decade of not using a camera. In my 18 years of experience with the history of art, no works—except for those of Michelangelo—so moved me by their mythic, yet human, gestures. Cobwebbed and scuffed, they lunge toward one another or huddle into their isolation. They both inspire and frighten me. In my images, I attempt to draw baroque and neo-classical beauty close to pain, isolation, violence, and memory. In this way, I can study the lessons of the past and the concerns of the present. For instance, in returning to 18th century mythological painting, I explore the tales of mortal women often abused by ancient myths or by contemporary interpretation or forgetfulness. My aim is to inspire the viewer to physically touch the flesh and stone depicted, but also to hold back in trepidation because all is fragile in this world. Pleasure is a taunt relationship between past and present moment, between fingertip of self and surface of another." - Catherine Adams -

text and image from The Chait Galleries Downtown

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on April 12, 2006

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