</i>photograph taken on the set of <i>Up on the Wooftop

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photograph taken on the set of Up on the Wooftop, 2015

Kristian Day was born in the Quad Cities and currently lives in Des Moines, Iowa.  He attended the Music Industry Studies program at the University of Colorado at Denver.  After graduation he composed soundtracks for films, and he now works in the film and television industry full time as a producer and camera operator.

Last winter Kristian co-produced the children's film Up On The Wooftop that was shot almost entirely in the Iowa City area.  The film tells the story of a talking dog named Toby who gets lost in Iowa and is trying to get to the North Pole to help Santa on Christmas Eve.  While Kristian was on the set of Up On The Wooftop he photographed the entire experience in black and white.  He uses vintage prime lenses in his photography, including a Helios 44-2 58mm Soviet Lens, an Industar-50 50mm Soviet Lens, and a Super Takumar 55mm Japanese lens.

Up On The Wooftop is coming out on DVD on November 17th.

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