Space III (interior renovation project of room S128)

Space III (interior renovation project of room S128), crescent/bristol board, wood stick, acrylic paint

Wonjae Lee is in his first year of MFA Program in the Design Department at the University of Iowa. His current works explore the spaces and forms that could be captured within his cultural background of East Asia—temples, traditional costume, dance movement, music, etc. He also is engaged with lighting design. He says, "Since light is one of the strongest elements for recognizing a form, you should not put it aside when you create a form."

"Gerrit Rietveld inspired this project. Gerrit Thomas Rietveld was born in Utrecht in the Netherlands in 1888. After working in his father's joinery business, he apprenticed at a jewellery studio. In 1911 he started his own cabinet-making firm, which he maintained for eight years. In this same period, he studied architecture. Through his studies he became acquainted with several founders of De Stijl."

"I created the spaces by panels, which do not have to necessarily be called 'Wall', but rather would be called 'Space Divider'. Since these spaces are communal spaces, there are no doors between spaces which makes the spaces more interrelated."

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on April 06, 2006

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