Atlas Carrying Turtle Island

Atlas Carrying Turtle Island, combination printmaking, 24" x 36", 2014

Serhat Tanyolacar is a Turkish born multi-media artist, printmaker, political activist, and autism advocate.  He received his MFA from the University of South Florida.  He studied Fine Arts at Bilkent University Fine Arts Department and received his second BFA at Austin Peay State University in 2008.  Tanyolacar has exhibited his work in New York, California, St. Louis, Michigan, Washington D.C., Florida, Tennessee, Istanbul, and Ankara.  He has taught studio art classes at the  University of Iowa, the University of South Florida, the University of Tampa, Florida Institute of Technology, and Eastern Florida State College.  Most recently, Tanyolacar was one of the 2014-2015 Grant Wood Art Colony Fellows at the University of Iowa.

Tanyolacar's latest large-scale relief prints focus on reconstructions of daily life imagery with the components of nostalgia and popular culture.  His reconstructed narratives bring an absurd socio-political commentary over contemporary problems in politics, world economy, gender roles, nationality, and global culture.

Text courtesy of Serhat Tanyolacar's website

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