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Felicity, photograph

About Lilian:

Lilian is a freshman at the University of Iowa.  She is the Vice President of the UI Photography Club, Editor of the UIPC Magazine, and coordinator and photographer for the Humans of Iowa City social media pages.

She writes, "Having grown up embracing two different cultures and facing obstacles with language barriers, it became difficult for me to communicate my ideas and beliefs.  However, I have found that I am privileged to have grown up with these two perspectives.  I try to keep an open mind and non-judgmental mindset towards people and situations. 

I grew up in Des Moines, Iowa where I was introduced to photography, officially, in high school.  I have always been interested in art, but for most of my childhood and adolescence I focused on drawing and painting.  The technical skills I learned from drawing and painting have led me to be more critical of my own photographs."

About her work:

"I have recently developed my love and passion for the complexity of black and white photography.  Through my photographs, I hope to capture the true meaning of a moment behind my lens.  All of my black and white photographs follow a theme of romanticism, and I hope to encourage introspection, an individual's own reflection through the images.  I hope that my photographs provoke insightful conversations from viewers."

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