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that if a codling, by caustic gust, fell
& upwelled such cholic unready in
the dogwood's throat (flexed to the
point of fracturing) it would goad
spring & fluid would start filling slowly
the lungs. leaves too would come out
of bud involute no more. what then
but the unlocalized slowness of exit,
the aggregate yield of disease,
blight en masse so slow
there is near no trace of it. 
how to recover from our own birth
but to gladden knowing our death
and its making room for other things

Happy National Poetry Month!

April is National Poetry Month and Iowa Writes is celebrating by featuring a poem by an Iowa-connected poet every day this week! To learn more about National Poetry Month 2015, please visit the Academy of American Poets website.


Caitlin Roach is a recent graduate of the Iowa Writers' Workshop, where she earned her MFA in poetry.  She currently teaches creative writing at the University of Iowa and is working on her first collection of poems.

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