Untitled, ceramics, 18" x 10", 2015

About the artist:

"Ruben was born in Mexico where his love for the arts began even before he started elementary school.  He experimented with various mediums, until he began attending the Irvine Fine Arts Center in Irvine, California, where he came into contact with clay.  It was then that he discovered that the vases, pots, and plates he created on the wheel were the best canvases for him to express himself in art.

At the first touch of clay Ruben discovered his abilities to sculpt and continue his appreciation for nature.  That appreciation shows in his pieces.  Whether a branch of a tree or a reptile, he always tries to bring the spirit of what he sees around him to his work."

Ruben Ruiz Artworks

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on June 24, 2015

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