Waxing Waning I-III

Daily Palette Double Feature

Waxing Waning I-III, Beeswax, recycled candles, wool, 2014

Kristin Michelle Roach graduated with a BFA in painting and a minor in Art History from Northern Illinois University in 2008.  After relocating to Ames, Iowa she founded the nonprofit Ames Collaborative Art.  The next few years were a whirlwind of painting murals (Campustown Mural, 2010 and the Kate Mitchell Community Garden Mural, 2012), writing her first book (Mend It Better, 2012), and starting a family.  In the fall of 2012, she accepted the position of Exhibits and Collections Manager at the Octagon Center for the Arts, which she resigned from in the summer of 2014 to dedicate herself fully to her own art and community projects.  In 2013 she opened the first Roach Motel Zine Distro in Ames and then in 2014 she opened a second location in Des Moines.  In April 2014 she participated in Art Vacancy and debuted her current series, Backyard Ecology, which she is continuing to develop and expand.  Currently she is spending her time focused on fostering a zine community and creating masses out of junkmail, wool, and beeswax.

Roach is inspired by turns of phrase, random facts, and miscommunicated ideas.  Once something peaks her curiosity, research and material exploration guides the project to its final form.  Though grounded in real life experience and research, her works become abstracted through the filter of her intuition and generate their own fantastical environments.

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