Looking Forward to Summer Week!

Here at The Daily Palette, we are excited about the warmer weather and longer days ahead. While summer is not yet here, come celebrate and anticipate the joy and freedom that this season brings by enjoying the summer-themed work of Iowa-connected artists and writers.

Joy, watercolor

The artist writes:

My art lessons began at the Detroit Society of Fine Arts followed by two years at Duke University and then my goal, the Chicago Academy of Fine Art.  I worked in commercial art until I had children and then did a little part time until they were older.  Then I worked with my husband in our custom store display company where along with doing everything he didn't, I also designed store display fixtures and sometimes worked in the shop applying special finishes or supplying an extra pair of hands in constructing and assembling them.

When we retired to an old mining town in the mountains of Colorado I started watercolor painting as I had always promised myself and have never stopped.  There was plenty to paint: old houses and mines, waterfalls, and the surrounding mountains, and of course my wonderful high altitude garden.  The mines were fascinating and when I moved to Iowa it was an easy transition to painting old barns along with another lovely garden, and rivers instead of falls.

I have no great philosophy about why I paint....I just paint for the joy of painting and hope that some of it will give others joy too.  I do several booth shows a year and enter many gallery shows and competitions.  At 87 I have no intention of stopping.  And I even had the pleasure of being interviewed by Mollie Cooney on her
In The Artist Studio.

In The Artist Studio: Charlotte Hamity

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