Burst, ink on Arches watercolor paper, 52" x 52"

The artist writes:

        I am primarily a painter, but I love drawing equally and for different reasons.  I am also an occasional printmaker.  Landscapes, gardens, and animals, both wild and domestic, are my chosen subjects; they are drawn and painted from life whenever possible.  I orient myself through my immediate surroundings and through the movement and the energy of the landscape, whether vast or intimate.  The secret, often unobserved details of the living world fascinate me.  I am most alive when painting directly on site in wild or open spaces such as National Parks or wilderness areas, or standing within my own flower garden.

        As the parent of a young child, I am only just returning to painting with some consistency and focus after several years.  My painting style and medium choices, however, are shaped by the need to work within shorter time frames and with immediacy.  I continue to paint in oils, but I am also creating large-scale inks on paper inspired by my passion for color, the need for directness, and my students' use of inks in my drawing and painting classes.

        I hold a Master's degree in Painting from the University of Iowa.  I painted and taught for nearly 20 years in the Seattle area and the Pacific Northwest, then returned to Iowa in 2008 to be near family.  I am currently a full-time art faculty member at Eastern Iowa Community Colleges, and I am enjoying painting the Mississippi River region.

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on April 27, 2015

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