Untitled, clay, various sizes, 2014

About the artist: "I am a potter from Davenport, Iowa.  I take pride in the fact that my work is functional and usable in daily life.  12 years ago at the age of 11 I learned how to throw pottery on the potter's wheel.  I have taken classes since then, but I am mostly self taught.  In 2013, I started my pottery business, Mumm's Mud.  I have attended multiple art fairs in the Quad Cities area.  I work daily in my home studio and continue to experiment and learn new pottery techniques.  For me, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a piece of my pottery being used and enjoyed in everyday life."

About her work: "I was first introduced to Raku during my studies at a local college.  The pottery program allowed us to participate in a true Raku experience and we worked as a team to fire everyone's pieces.  After finishing my studies I was invited to come back to demonstrate the horsehair raku technique for different classes.  I enjoy the unpredictability of how the hair will lay and where the smoke will travel.  I use simple forms to showcase the horsehair technique."

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