Chair Backs, Yale Methodist</i>, from the project "Places of Spirit and Light"<i>

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Chair Backs, Yale Methodist, from the project "Places of Spirit and Light", photograph, 2011

Larry Mendenhall is a photographer based in Altoona, Iowa.

A former newspaper photographer and editor, Mendenhall left journalism behind and turned to landscape photography.  He began exhibiting his work in 2003.  Since then, his work has appeared in numerous juried shows and exhibitions.  Mendenhall has earned many honors: he has received awards for his work at art fairs, two of his photographs were selected for the Vet's Auditorium renovation, and he was selected as an Artist in Residence at Ashford College in Clinton, Iowa.

In 2009, Mendenhall began taking photographs for his project "Places of Spirit and Light," an examination of Iowa rural churches as sacred places.  Part of this project was published recently in Issue #109 of LensWork magazine.

The artist writes about his project "Places of Spirit and Light":

Nestled by themselves in the landscape and small towns, rural churches in Iowa are often overlooked.  Yet, when I encounter these churches, their eloquent simplicity captivates me unlike any other building type found in the state.  "Places of Spirit and Light: Churches in the Rural Landscape" is a photography project that shares the captivating presence of these churches.

Capturing that presence in a photograph is the creative challenge behind the project.  Often it requires looking away from a straightforward view of these churches to architectural and interior details.  In particular light—and the shadows and shapes it forms—is used to create the sense of presence in the photographs.

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