Isolation, digital photograph, 12" x 18", 2010

Growing up on a farm in northwest Iowa put Kathy in close contact with nature from the very beginning.  She was drawing and painting her animal friends as soon as she could hold pencil and crayons.  When she was in her teens she also began using a camera to record images.  Degrees from Iowa State University honed Kathy's skills in composition and design.  Since then she has gone on to become an international award-winning photographer who seeks out the beauty in the "ordinary" scenes around her.

"I look for the uniqueness in the things I see around me in everyday life: a little pine tree standing seemingly alone in the icy fog, the colors flaming in a sunset, all the fascinating patterns and textures found in various trees' bark.  The list is endless!  I love to capture the intricate details people hurry past without seeing and share them."--Kathy Strohl

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on December 29, 2014

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