Daily Palette Double Feature

Ammonite, assorted wall paper and other paper, thread, copper, waxed linen thread, and beads, 5.5" h x 4" w x 12.5" d, 2014

Peggy Johnston earned her BA in Art Education.  She is the owner of Waveland Studio in Des Moines, Iowa, a city she has called home for more than twenty years.  Waveland Studio produces one-of-a-kind books and small editioned artists books.  Peggy has been working with paper for more than thirty years and she is one of the founding members of the Prairie Book Collaborative.  She exhibits her books throughout the country and teaches at the Des Moines Art Center and local schools.

From her website: "Peggy's love of paper and fascination with containers came together when she started making books.  Although mostly functional in the sense of being containers for thought, her books are art objects.  She enjoys seeking out unusual materials and devising non-traditional structures to create artist's books with sculptural forms."

About Ammonite: "Beginning with a semi-circular shape of less than an inch, I cut 162 signatures, each one slightly larger than the previous one. The final signature is a bit more than 5 inches high. The signatures are held together with a Coptic stitch.  The cover at the large end is reclaimed copper roof flashing. Inspired by organic forms, in this case fossil snails, or ammonites."

Waveland Studio

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