White Man Ruins the World

Daily Palette Double Feature--Student Edition

Art in Des Moines

This week the Daily Palette is celebrating the art of Iowa's capital!

Des Moines is a city rich in art and culture. It is home to the Des Moines Art Center, the Pappajohn Sculpture Park, the Des Moines Arts Festival, Des Moines Performing Arts, numerous art galleries, and much more. Many of Iowa's artists and writers live and work in Des Moines, taking advantage of the wonderful artist opportunities, writing workshops, and art events it has to offer.

White Man Ruins the World, collage, 8" x 10'', 2014

Taylor Yocom, a Des Moines native, is a senior at the University of Iowa pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography.  More of her work and community involvement can be seen on her website (see link below).

In my collage series Man vs. Land, I try to create a playful environment to expose the interactions humans have with the space they occupy.  Events like eating meat or filling up your car happen on a daily basis and I believe it is important to provide an outlet of contemplation for the effects of these actions.  I feel it is important to expose the effects one decision can have on others and the land we call our home.  By using vintage ephemera and juxtaposing it with other media, I provide a tongue-in-cheek way of viewing our surroundings.

Taylor Yocom's website

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