Window, Des Moines

Art in Des Moines

This week the Daily Palette is celebrating the art of Iowa's capital!

Des Moines is a city rich in art and culture. It is home to the Des Moines Art Center, the Pappajohn Sculpture Park, the Des Moines Arts Festival, Des Moines Performing Arts, numerous art galleries, and much more. Many of Iowa's artists and writers live and work in Des Moines, taking advantage of the wonderful artist opportunities, writing workshops, and art events it has to offer.

Window, Des Moines, 2014

Jeanette Lamb is a photographer and painter.  Her work has been exhibited in both Europe and the United States.

Originally from Colorado, Jeanette began visiting eastern Iowa late in her teens -- partly due to a fascination with the Mississippi River and partly due to a musical connection forged by Fall River Road band member Rob Wheeler who'd been playing music at the Dock in Davenport back in the late 1970s.  Throughout the years, Wheeler continued returning to Iowa to play music, often extending an invitation to friends.  Following Jeanette's initial visit, Iowa became a regular stomping ground between Colorado and places she frequented east of there, such as Chicago and Detroit, where throughout the 1990s she studied film theory and film making before moving on to Boston, Massachusetts where her focus shifted to fine art.  In 2005, she again met up with Wheeler, who had by then moved to Des Moines.  Fascinated by the trajectory the city was committing to artistically, she returned again in 2008 and again in the summer of 2014, both times eager to photograph it in detail.

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