If These Walls Could Speak

If These Walls Could Speak, acrylic, 48" x 24"

Kevin Molland was born and raised in Sioux City, Iowa.  He earned his BA in Speech Communication from Colorado State University.  Having no formal art training outside high school art, Kevin has honed his chops in the school of trial and error, with an emphasis in error.  Kevin still resides in Sioux City where he can be found outside his professional life wearing a ridiculous old kitchen apron and teaching his kids his own nonsensical way to make a mess with paint in the basement.  Most of his work can be found hidden under the stairs, or gifted to his friends, who then hide them under their own stairs.

The artist writes, "I've always loved art in all forms and have never tried to restrict myself to a single medium.  I love finger painting with my girls as much as I love a 5 month oil piece.  Most of my work contains slightly exaggerated color and broad brushstrokes because that makes me happy.  Having a background in Speech Communication, I often find that I tend to weave poetic prose in and out of the pieces, to the delight, or detriment of the viewer.  There is liberation in a paintbrush, and a patient beauty in the detail."

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