Kindred Spirits

Daily Palette Double Feature

Kindred Spirits, linocut, 8" x 12", 2012

About the artist: "I am a linocut printmaker that grew up and continues to live in northern Iowa.  The process, graphic feel, and texture of linocut printmaking is the perfect medium to express my ideas.  I often incorporate other forms of printmaking such as monoprint or collograph to create interesting textures and text elements."

About the art: "My work revolves around subjects that explore life and experiences from my own perspective.  The themes found in my work and are based on dreams, beliefs, and observations of myself and others.  I also love to incorporate symbolic images such as birds, keys, and doors into my work which I hope encourage thought and interpretation."

For more information about Lori and her art, visit her website (below), her Facebook page, and her Etsy shop.

Lori Biwer-Stewart's website

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on November 03, 2014

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