Koi, welded steel and found objects with clear-coat, 12" x 9" x 30", 2014

David Leeper creates metal sculptures in his Cedar Rapids studio, MetalWorks.  You can see his work at various art festivals throughout Iowa, including the Iowa Arts Festival in Iowa City and the upcoming Holiday Arts Festival in Waterloo.

Mr. Leeper writes this about his art: "The shapes and angles found in the objects around us tell the story of their development and function.  I am interested in these forms and their relationships to the world and I work to incorporate what I discover into my pieces -- simplifying here, adding there, and allowing myself the freedom to experiment with the materials to bring life and humor into my designs. 

I use steel and found objects to create sculptures that represent my deconstructed view of things -- literal, abstract, whimsical.  When someone looks at one of my pieces, smiles, and comments on its character, then I know they have made a personal connection with it and I have succeeded.

Please touch, study, and interact with my work.  Explore its angles, colors, and shapes.  See if it relates to you and let me know if I have done my job."

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