Slide, found object, silicone, diaper rash cream, 12" x 4" x 72", July 2014

Claudia was born in 1991 and four years later she told her father John that when she grew up she wanted to either be a trapeze artist or a normal artist.  Claudia forgot about this aspiration until the age of 20 when she moved to New Orleans and began making calendars out of infinity signs.  Claudia is now a normal artist.

Claudia was an Emerging Artist Resident at Grin City Collective in Grinnell, Iowa in the summer of 2014.

Claudia wants her art to help the viewer-participant to understand that everyone—including themselves—is a little baby that just wants to be loved.  Claudia also wants her art to enrage the viewer-participant and move them to change the structures that are not serving them or the people they love, which by the end of the viewing-participation process will be anyone they've ever met and anyone they can ever imagine meeting.

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