Daily Palette Youth Week

An Important Person to Me

A not-so-tall-man,
he helps me with
my Russian School of Math
and gets me places.
His eyes are brown,
his hair black,
and he often wears a suit.
He helps me wake
up on time, makes sure
I'm healthy and safe
He is
an important person
to me. He is
my father.

Daily Palette Youth Week (June 16-20, 2014)

This week the Daily Palette is celebrating the writing of Iowa-connected youth.


"In second grade, I received a ridiculous amount of homework," says Jeremy Paul Nierenberg, "but now I'm obsessed with Clash of Clans."  That's a video game.  Jeremy, now a 4th grader, stays busy strategizing to visit Iowa longer than one week every summer but East-coast parents can be quite difficult.

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