Daily Palette Youth Week

Introduction of My Mom (aka Emily Ha)

Hi, my name is Mia and tonight, I'm going to be introducing someone who's special and that is my mom.  My mom is all sorts of things.  She's. . .  Well, first, she hasn't heard this so I hope she likes it.  She can be sweet 'cause she takes care of me, she's very nice, and she spends a lot of time with me.  And second, she is brave.  I remember when I was five I was trapped in the laundry room by a mean cat and every time I opened the door it went "kheee" and I remember I just sat there for an hour and I was shouting and my mom heard me through the vent and she came out.  And even when the cat hissed at her, she went in the laundry room and grabbed me and the cat hissed at her and she said, "If you scratch me cat, I'm gonna kick you."  And my mom can be very weird.  Sometimes on the weekends she likes to bite me 'cause she thinks it's a sign of love and it gives her an endorphin release.  The second reason I think she's weird is because when she wants to get away from the world when she's writing she just takes my pillow, puts it in the closet, and sits there in the closet and acts like it's a residency.  And last but not least, she is very hard working but when I was in first grade I didn't know that so I remember on Mother's Day, the teacher asked us to draw a picture and write what your mother does while you're at school and I said that my mom watches the house.  And when I gave it to my mom, she didn't like it very much.  Now I would like to introduce my sweet, brave, weird, hardworking mom, Emily Ha.

Daily Palette Youth Week (June 16-20, 2014)

This week the Daily Palette is celebrating the writing of Iowa-connected youth.


Attend a reading of UIowa's Nonfiction Writing Program and you will see charmingly chatty Mia, NWP's unofficial mascot.  Ms. Mia Bella Chaymang was born in New York but has lived in Vietnam, LA, Philadelphia, and NYC.  She is a whopping nine years old and a third grader at Horace Mann Elementary in Iowa City.

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