Daily Palette Youth Week

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time   
there was
Superman and there was
a dinosaur. He was
Dinosaur-boy. He was
a T-Rex. Then there was
a fairy. Then there was
another one. They
played. Then there was
B-boy. And then there was
Fire-boy, and then
Fire-Boy knocked down
all of them with a little
tip of fire. Then they go
out to get lunch. Then they go
to a store. Then they go
to an ambulance because
they got hurt. Then they went
to a fire station. Then there was
a fire. Then there was
a fire again and smoke
coming out
of a building.

Daily Palette Youth Week (June 16-20, 2014)

This week the Daily Palette is celebrating the writing of Iowa-connected youth.


According to Oliver Davis Hoffman, he was named after Oliver Sherlock Holmes (uh, dear Reader, that would be Wendell Holmes).  Ollie makes promotional videos for the Houston Zoo.  His favorite activity at the Iowa State Fair is the trampoline because then he can jump as high as the sky.

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