Daily Palette Double Feature

Directions, terra sigillata, oxides, latex paints, glaze, polyurethane, 25" x 22" x 3", 2013

Lauren Tucci is an Artist in Residence at The Ceramics Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

A good liar was kindly called a "storyteller" when I was growing up.

I can tell you half a story.

Self-reflection is a constant war from within, but in my past it was more of a "checking-out."  Not that I did too little introspection, rather, I would ride a freight train into my own thoughts and live there while the towns people floating around me would become the characters in my ethereal world.  It was only until my college years that I finally found a near appropriate term for this mental retreat.  A Hypnopompic state is defined as, the semiconscious condition prior to complete wakefulness, characterized by the persistence of dreamlike imagery.  I was narrating a story that never resolved.

My interest in psychology has fueled multifinality in the ending of the story.  This approach illustrates that we can all start in one place to develop our ideas down individual paths that lead us to the meaning we feel for in a work.  My attempt is to connect to the viewer with something they may have experienced and let them resonate with a story that they can finish telling.  The animal characters that I often use, symbolize the thoughts and feelings I associate with the people in my own life.  I've never had a true relationship with animals, so I don't have a predisposed read on their demeanors or personalities.  This gives me the ability to attribute the subject with a general perception of the animal in its culturally held symbolism.

In the making process, I am aware of the piece's resting place.  How the object sits activates the viewer's attention to the mood of the piece coupled by the response they have to its color.  Working with a subdued, even dark, color palette serves as the emotional and ethereal connection within the narrative.  I've always been drawn to bold blacks that demand attention and the somber muted tones of other graying hues.  Pairing of colors and qualities of delicate and callous subject matter illustrate the duality in my work.  We are all presented with a doubling of juxtaposed ideas or thoughts.  How to navigate through them is your narrative, but I wouldn't call you a liar.

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