All Tangled Up

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All Tangled Up, oil on canvas, 20" x 20", 2014

Nicole Zoe Miller grew up in Bennett, Iowa, a small farming community.  She primarily uses oils on canvas, but will work with acrylics as a mural artist when she wants to work on a sizable surface.  Nicole enjoys painting commissioned and public art as well.  She started exhibiting her oil paintings in 2013.

Nicole writes, "When I set out to create my art I try to take myself back to the most creative time in my life, my childhood.  I like to bring my mind back to the possibility of things being not as they seem.  I blend vibrant oil paints and put them in places maybe they shouldn't be to create that sense of wonder and being open minded again.  Many of my paintings are farm related because that is where I spent much of my life seeing the color of everything, and where most things happened so fast around me that much of life almost didn't seem real.  The goal of my art is to get the viewer to see colors that I see come alive inside each painting.  My work tends to follow the theme that everything has the possibility of being as beautiful as these colors."

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on August 18, 2014

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