Great Lake Days

Great Lake Days, pen and ink, 16" x 18", 2013

Mitch graduated in 1975 from Estherville, Iowa High School.  He moved "Out West" and spent nearly 20 years there before "Moving Home."  He has been drawing all his life and is self-taught.  He settled into pen and ink and has been producing them exclusively.  He donates to several organizations.

"I've always liked that a photograph shows what the eye can see, as far as color and texture. I enjoy being able to get the mind to see the same, using a bottle of ink, a sharp pen, and a white piece of paper."

Great Lake Days is a scene from the south shore of Lake Okoboji in the Iowa Great Lakes region in Northwest Iowa.  The scene looks north to Fort Dodge Point and is near the famous Arnolds Park.

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