The Echo of Your Own Blood in the Shell

The Echo of Your Own Blood in the Shell, cut tulle in painted wood frame, 67" x 67", 2014

Brian Prugh completed an MA in Philosophy from the University of Chicago, where he was a Javits Fellow, before turning to making art full time.  He worked as an artist in Chicago, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Cape Cod, and New York City before entering the MFA program at the University of Iowa.  Upon graduation he plans to move onto a boat parked in the Biscayne Bay outside of Miami, Florida, where he will work as an artist and independent critic.

Brian explains his recent work:

"The tulle works are made by attaching layers of cut tulle to a wooden frame; each layer is separated by a thin strip of wood.  Most, but not all, of the marks are created by cutting out words.  The words I choose are significant; often taken from literature, they are words that I carry with me and that reappear in my consciousness with some frequency.  Through repetition in my mind and the repetitive cutting-out of the words, I often learn something about what they have to say.  The titles of the works reproduce the words written in them."

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