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For the past seventy-five years the School of Art and Art History has collected thousands of artworks by artists attending the School's graduate studio programs. Each graduate student was required to leave behind a work they completed during their graduate studies here at the University of Iowa. The collection contains over 6,000 paintings, prints, photographs, sculptures and other art objects. The collection is unique in the country and provides a critical glimpse of academic American art over much of the last century.

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Title unknown, 1982

James Alan Sorensen earned an MA in Photography from the University of Iowa in 1983.

The Graduate Archive--Weekend Spotlight!

Mr. Sorensen's photographs can be shocking, humorous, or awe-inspiring.  His subjects vary but his work is consistently honest and powerful.  One photograph was simply not enough--this weekend we are celebrating Mr. Sorensen's work by featuring three of his photographs.  Enjoy!

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