Y&#363;gen</i>, site specific installation<i>

Yūgen, site specific installation, improvisational knotting, looping, and binding, made from recycled metal and nylon, 300" l x 240" w x 168" h, 2014

Iowa artist Judy Bales creates both fiber sculpture and public art.  A frequent contributor to the Daily Palette, Judy always has something new and exciting to show us.

Yūgen, a site specific installation at the Museum of Arts and Sciences, Macon, Georgia involves a three way partnership between the artist, the museum and Macon company YKK USA.

Judy writes, "I was thrilled to be given access to an abundance of surplus materials from YKK for this site specific installation.  YKK is a Japanese company that has been located in Macon for many years.  As I was preparing for the show, I experienced a rekindled interest in Japanese prints, paintings and screens.  I came across an intriguing word, Yūgen, a term that cannot be fully translated into English but that alludes to a mysterious beauty, something that triggers experiences too deep for words.  My installation was inspired by nature, and my goal to create a mysterious landscape within the gallery, one that would give rise to experiences in the viewer based on their own emotions and memories of nature.  Research into this wonderful word therefore helped me understand my experience as well as direct the work as I proceeded."

Photo by Shawn Patterson

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