Folded Hat</i>, art for the body<i>

Folded Hat, art for the body, plastic window screen, aerosol paint, 2013

Iowa artist Judy Bales creates both fiber sculpture and public art.  A frequent contributor to the Daily Palette, Judy always has something new and exciting to show us.

Judy writes, "I am a multi-disciplinary artist and I focus on sculpture for the body, or 'artwear,' mixed-media installation, and public art.  I utilize found, recycled, and/or repurposed materials in an ongoing effort to reveal beauty in unlikely places and stretch conventional notions of what constitutes art.  My artwear, an extension of my long-time work and study in fiber art, takes the form of whimsical costumes—often used in performance art events or installations—and parodies of haute couture that exaggerate the outlandish extremes of high fashion."

Photo by the artist

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