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Squirrels are getting laid,
and I'm not.
And that's one-hundred percent pure
fresh-squeezed sun juice
blasting the backside of those Longleaf Pines
and squirrels are chasing squirrels
and getting laid
and I'm not.

To think, one journal entry back:

             Wednesday. High noon.
             Frenzied ass-plumes pulse before me.
             Calls of purpose (mark my words!)
             calls of "come and get it" grating
             for the ladies. I've watched my share of Nova.
             (keep for poem?)

And yet, today, in cockcrow scrim, silent rodents
bolt! Yes!—Thursday's launched in ricochet!—
cinematic blood-hooray!—sunspoked quakes—jerks
du soleil—no thought—move forward—soar!—
get laid.

And what of me,
with my lists,
in the shade,
on a bench.
A book, opened, as if to learn.
I've had my share of sex things annoy me I cannot
not inquire woe is me is you is me is woe be gone O, to jet
in silhouette! But how, and when, to what?
O, the sense of it all. . .
Oh the scents of a doll.
Owe the cents of Vidal.
Oath a sense Ovid dhal oh—O.
(keep it.)

Happy National Poetry Month!

April is National Poetry Month! Celebrate the importance of poetry with us by reading work by Iowa-identified poets!

Learn more about National Poetry Month here.


Wayfaring wordsmith and long-time songsmith Danielle Gasparro obtained her B.A. in Creative Writing in 2012.  Having done so at 42, leaping blindly from her native Big Apple to an apple orchard in Eastern Iowa seemed only logical.  Since alighting, she's been living the dreampoem, striving inside every bigblueorbit to be the greatest writer ever unknown.

We will be featuring the poems of Ms. Gasparro April 9th-11th as part of our celebration of National Poetry Month!

This is the third day of our celebration!  Self-Directed Study was published April 9th and Sawdust was published yesterday.

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