orange and blue cane and murinni vase

orange and blue cane and murinni vase, 6" x 6" x 15"

Art Ciccotti grew up in southern California.  After moving to Iowa he attended the Iowa State University School of Design where he learned to blow glass.  Twenty eight years later he is now operating out of his studio, Ciccotti Art Glass, located just outside of Ames, Iowa.  Mr. Ciccotti primarily makes one of a kind objects.  For his larger glassware he uses Venetian glass working techniques to achieve his designs.  He teaches beginning glass classes at his studio and offers special events where people can watch demonstrations and try blowing glass themselves.

Mr. Ciccotti writes,

"Making art is a passion for me. I blow glass because of the rush of seeing an object take shape from a white hot mass to a finished piece. After weeks of planning, sometimes months, the design comes together in a piece within a short period of time. It is intense! My objective is to produce a piece of work that not only is unique but that brings a sense of visual and tactile pleasure.

The theme running through my work relates to the natural world—flowers, weather, animals. My intent is not to recreate these things exactly, but to make visual reference to them. These things have a natural beauty to which we can connect."

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