and: also you (addendum 2)

and: also you (addendum 2), acrylic, water-soluble pencil and/or crayon on hand-stretched canvas over keyable stretcher bars, 42" x 48", 2012

Artist Thérèse Murdza builds her signature bright, richly textured paintings for both commercial and residential collections.  Using an animated range of shapes, lines, and colors, she creates large, multi-paneled works on canvas, and smaller works on canvas and paper.  Thérèse's early musical training remains an influence: "If we could see spoken words, if we could see music, somehow see a measure of the sound, that's what I paint."  From her studio in Portland, Oregon, she works with gallerists, design professionals, agents, and private clients to place her artwork nationwide, including within the great state of Iowa.

and: also you (addendum 2) is in the permanent collection of Raining Rose, Inc. in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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