Em in the early modern room

Em in the early modern room, cut paper and colored pencil, 12" x 16"

Anthony Plaut was born in Boston and raised in California and Washington DC.  He grew up in Iowa where he attended Cornell College.  Later he earned an MFA degree at the University of Chicago.  He is now a professor of art at Cornell College.  He has been a participant in many group shows in the region, including a number of Iowa Artists exhibitions at the Des Moines Art Center and CSPS in Cedar Rapids.

Anthony Plaut writes this about his recent work:

"This series of collages depicts an American girl enjoying a visit to an art museum.  Although the museum's art is recognizable and may appear to be plausible, the arrangement in each room is actually impossible; in some I have cropped the paintings to fit the museum walls and others are significantly out of proportion from the original.

The architectural spaces are based upon photographs in Art in America magazine of Leo Castelli's NYC gallery in the 1960s.  I re-created these rooms by cutting and pasting paper of the proper shape and color necessary to develop the spatial illusion.  Each piece is made using pasted paper and colored pencils only.  The pencil is used sparingly: only for the shadow of the girl and the shadow beneath each picture frame.  All the rest is paper cut from new sheets of Canson paper or color photographs from doll catalogues and discarded art history books."

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