Trance-Lumines-Sense </i>Installation<i>

Trance-Lumines-Sense Installation, silicon, LEDs, sensor, and computer, 6' x 12' x 13', 2013

Graduate student Justin Schortgen is currently a teaching assistant / instructor of record in ceramics at the University of Iowa.  Justin strives to work with other people to merge various fields together such as art, technology, science, and engineering.  By merging these fields he is working on making art that comes to life and responds to audience interaction or proximity.  When the audience approaches the work they influence and change it.

Justin writes this about his art:

"The world is continually changing both as a result of innate evolution and as a response to our every action. Our actions are often prompted by the effect the world has on us. Every action we take has the potential to elicit a specific response that can only be seen through the choice of action.

Our relationship with the environment has caused me to step back and examine the affects of change. I believe we were given the world as a gift and it is our duty to be good stewards of this gift.  I am interested in achieving this goal by collaborating with people and merging fields like science, ecology, engineering, art, and technology to accomplish greater works than I could on my own.

I strive to create atmospheres on many levels with my art.  Atmospheres emerge out of the people I collaborate with, creating ceramic work and firing them in an atmospheric kiln to influence the work, and actually creating an interactive piece that changes based on the viewer's interaction with it.  By exploring this process and concept I find myself growing, understanding, and appreciating the meaning and gift of life."

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