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Flag Landscape, graphic design/illustration, 24" x 36" poster, 2013

Amanda Johnson is a native of Iowa City.  She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Iowa in 2008 and she recently returned to her alma mater as a graduate student in Graphic Design and Printmaking.  Amanda has over four years of professional design experience, working first as a web designer for Intermec, Inc. and later as a print/interactive designer for the in-house creative team at Pearson North America.  In addition to her web and graphic design work, Amanda creates prints, drawings, and paintings.

Amanda writes, "My artwork explores themes of world culture, geography, and sociology with the goal of increasing global awareness and encouraging broad-mindedness, cooperation, and a sense of 'togetherness.'  I'm interested in investigating how countries and people relate to one another, both literally in space and time, and more figuratively through other facets of life.  There will always be forces that unite us and forces that divide us but I beseech viewers to focus on those that unite us.  I am particularly interested in maps and cultural identifiers such as political flags and written language.  I've learned a lot about various map projections recently and it was eye opening to realize how much the maps we choose to use shape our perceptions of the world.  With this in mind, some of my work attempts to alter the traditional representations of world maps in order to emphasize the common human element that binds us together."

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