Tu Quoque Es

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Tu Quoque Es, ink and watercolor

Garrett Nobbs earned an MA in Art History from the University of Iowa in 2010.

Mr. Nobbs writes, "I am an illustrator and writer, and a native of the West Coast currently residing in New England. My mainstays are paper-based media; I have previously done some printmaking, and would love to again, but work mainly in ink and watercolor. I am attracted to the way these particular media inherently parallel the printed book, and the rich history of illustration, and invoke an immediate recollection of those illustrated volumes of our childhoods, which somehow manage to all blend together into the non-specificity of a generalized, collective-unconscious repository. In this regard, too, I am especially drawn to the tension, the pregnant void—the visual equivalent of the literary caesura—which exists between text and image on the same page. Many of my images include a caption in the tradition of early printed images or traditional book illustrations, and employ in this way the implicit play between the text and the image."

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on December 10, 2013

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