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The Daily Palette presents MULTImedia! In this category we celebrate artists who work in more than one medium by presenting different examples of their art on consecutive days.

untitled, mixed media on paper, 2 at 22" x 30" each

Ann Royer was born in Sioux City, Iowa and currently works in Cedar Rapids.  She studied at Colorado College and the University of Minnesota, Duluth.  Ms. Royer works in a variety of media: she creates bronze statues, ceramics, canvas paintings, and works on paper.  She has exhibited her work at Cornerhouse Gallery and Frame in Cedar Rapids, the Sioux City Art Center, the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, and Briar Cliff College in Sioux City, as well as other venues throughout the country.

"Over the years I have tried to explore the horse and female images. Every time I worked with other animals I would always return to the horse. Its exquisite form is universal as a war horse, sport horse, or plow horse. The female form represents Mother Earth. Its pear-shaped, voluminous form is fun to work with. . . . I have always felt free to work in many media and examine an image in a representational, semi-abstract, or totally abstract form. It is personally satisfying."  -Ann Royer

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on November 25, 2013

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