CG50 Russian Chrysocolla

CG50 Russian Chrysocolla, necklace

The artist tells us this about his work:

"I have collected stones from a very early age and have always been mechanically inclined. My jewelry work allows me to use my torch, hammers, saws, files, etc. in a creative way. All of my work is hand fabricated in my St. Charles studio using sterling and fine silver, and semi-precious stones (and occasionally copper or brass). Working with sheet and wire (I do not use precious metal clay), I use traditional metalsmithing techniques to form each piece. I buy my stones from indivdual cutters who cut the stones to display the stone's finest aspects. I like my designs to look time worn. This is created by using patinas to create a darkening effect on the silver. I enjoy the challenge of hand fabrication, and feel satisfaction knowing that each of my pieces is truly unique."

text and image from The Chait Galleries Downtown

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