Old Outhouse View

Old Outhouse View, acrylic, 16" x 12"

Sharon France grew up in the Midwest.  She is represented by the Chait Galleries Downtown in Iowa City.

Sharon tells us, "I have always had a fascination with old farmsteads, especially the old farmhouses and barns found on them.  Some of my fondest childhood memories and inspiration come from the visits to my grandparent's remote Midwestern farm set down a very long lane, that eventually wound around the old barn, horse pasture, granary, corn crib, machine shed, and chicken house, to end up at their old farmhouse with a white picket fence in the yard beyond. The croquet set would be on the lawn and Grandma would have one of her homemade pies waiting on the kitchen counter.  A little bit of heaven here on earth, it felt to me back then!

My painting style leans towards Realism, although I often use elements of Tonalism and Minimalism in them.  I have been inspired by the Hudson River School artists, Minimalists, Tonalists, and Realist artists for my art.  I work in acrylic, oil, and soft pastel, although I most often work in acrylic on stretched canvas for my Heartland landscapes.  I build up many layers, using both wet and dry brush techniques for my paintings.  My art work has been described as having an intriguing peacefulness in its quiet simplicity."

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text and image from The Chait Galleries Downtown

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