Stead (Home Alone)

Stead (Home Alone), Toyota Tacoma, mixed media, 2012

Anne Shaw was a spring 2013 resident at Grin City Collective in Grinnell, Iowa.  Her work revolves around unauthorized or unexpected uses of space.  For example, Stead is a grassy space installed in the back of her pickup, which she has used to interrogate culturally-received notions of property and ownership.  A visual artist and poet, Ms. Shaw often makes use of text and language in her sculptures and installations.

Stead is a continuously-evolving work that explores the intersection of the natural and built environments.  We are celebrating it on the Daily Palette over three consecutive days.  About Stead (Home Alone), the artist writes, "Frustrated by my lack of home ownership, I decked out the back of my truck with accouterments of home (or homelessness) and documented a series of guerrilla occupations in the driveways of luxurious mansions--here, the house from the movie Home Alone."

Stead, part 1
Stead, part 2

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