Bike Club

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Bike Club, oil on canvas, 6' x 11', 2013

S. Richard (Dick) Shook earned his BA in Art and Design from Iowa State University and did graduate work in drawing, painting, and printmaking.  He went on to law school but left to pursue a career in the arts.  He has worked in a variety of areas, including illustration, design, and construction.  He now focuses primarily on oil painting.  Mr. Shook currently resides in Slater, Iowa.

Mr. Shook writes this about his art:

"I like the way oil translates light and I have a fascination with geometry and of course color, although I haven't allowed my palette to settle down yet.  I prefer to paint figures and portraits I suppose because life is about relationships and people are tuned to the most subtle of expressions, either in their face or the movement of the body."

About the painting: Bike Club is the first in a series of six paintings that are intended to inspire exercise.  It was executed between January 2013 and May 2013.  It was unveiled at the Polk County Health Department in May.

Dick Shook's work will be featured on the Daily Palette again tomorrow.  Don't miss it!

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