Chrysallis Aerius 9: Drawing Series

Chrysallis Aerius 9: Drawing Series, charcoal and conte on ingres paper, 73" x 61"

Suzanne, a Des Moines native, now lives in Minneapolis. Her work has been shown at Premier Gallery, Gallery 96 Art Center, the Minneapolis Insitute of Arts, as well as at several other venues in the Midwest. Suzanne also serves on the board of the Studio@700 Artists' Affiliation. Suzanne has a B.A. from the University of Iowa and studied at the University of Minnesota Split Rock Arts Program.

Suzanne's research of roots at the Department of Natural Resources and her field observation of flowers provided a scientific starting point for her creations. Spidery clusters of roots take on earthy colors, which balance the vibrant hues of flower varieties such as blazing stars, blooming sallys, and lupines. In several works, she juxtaposes delicate flowers and roots with images of heavy, decorative ironwork.

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