A Place

A Place, performance and lithograph, 2013

Elizabeth writes, "After completing my BFA at the University of Iowa in Intermedia, I moved to the high desert and am currently pursuing an MFA at The University of New Mexico. I explore relationships between praxis, poiesis and self-identity by curating a series of walks, performance-based installations, repetitive actions, and video archives."

She tells us this about her work: "I am currently investigating the relationships between energy and power in the American Southwest (or more specifically, New Mexico). I am seeking to make visible the hidden relationships between energy and power by researching the coal industry's Super-PAC funding of US presidential candidates."

"A Place is a site-specific lithograph produced in collaboration with Damla Erten. Created at the location of the first nuclear explosion at the Trinity Site in New Mexico, it is an attempt to explore the interaction between the history of the site and the possibilities of interacting with what remains."

A Place is being celebrated on the Daily Palette over a period of three days in order to give our viewers a better understanding of the artist's work.

A Place, part 1

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