Pulling Together

Pulling Together, 5000 lbs of stainless steel, 25 feet tall x 30 feet wide x 6 feet deep, 2006

John Brommel was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa where he now resides. His informal education in art started as a childhood interest which grew into a habit of daily study.  Five years in a trade school and 35 years as a steamfitter taught John invaluable knowledge of welding and working in carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, and bronze. He is truly a life time learner. 

In 1979 John started sculpting in wood.  Ten years later he taught himself to sculpt in stone.  Then in about 1998 he finally migrated to sculpting in metals.  He started doing airbrush paintings in 2004.

Mr. Brommel writes this about his work:

"My art is a never ending journey of discovery and invention.  I avidly recycle and repurpose material, draw from diverse technical genres, and search out new and innovative applications.  I greatly enjoy the interplay of energies and ideas in the execution of commissioned works.  The work ethic and sense of efficiency practiced in my 35 years as a steamfitter are invaluable in the execution of my work."

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