Absentia, charcoal on paper, 2012

Robert Reeves was born in Waterloo, Iowa. He earned his BA from the University of Northern Iowa. He exhibits his work throughout the state and he is a member of Metro Arts Alliance. Robert currently works and lives in Des Moines.

Reeves has been creating and exhibiting art for over fifteen years. Working primarily from photos taken while chronicling his time spent walking and traveling, he draws and paints moments of personal significance and striking balance. His art allows viewers to assume the role of voyeur, giving them the opportunity to step into the scene and watch people moving through their everyday landscape.

Reeves's style employs rough, energetic handling of the medium. Scenes that look photographic from a distance dissolve into masses of fervent lines or brushstrokes. Building facades become washes. Figures become a slash of brush. Reeves shifts figures and structures around to match the memory of the moment and convey it to the viewer rather than insisting on faithfully reproducing a photograph.

(Text courtesy of Mr. Reeves's website.)

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